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New Internet Business Models

Remix Videos with Friends
Wremix allows our users to mix content & videos together to earn tips, get super fans & much more to earn money using their social networks.
Build your Personal Business
Every human on earth should have their own personal storefront to sell products, services, events, rentals & more. A simple way to sell whatever they can to make money.
Video Home Tours
Work with real estate agents to help them create video home tours for their friends & clients. They can send private video messages to their clients or publish their videos to market themselves and their listings.
Video Messaging
Send & Receive video messages to any email, mobile phone or @twittername.
Buyer Squad
A Social Network for Deals
Create group deals, flash sales, coupons & more to generate sales for your business. Follow you favorite businesses to get deals and savings directly in your inbox.
10k Millionaires
A Wealth Building Community
I've made it my mission to create 10k millionaires using the Internet and new business models that are only recently available online.
States United
Political Video Social Network
Take a stand and create political videos to share across your social networks. Let people know who you are and how you feel about local, state & national elections or just express how you'd make the world better.
Build your own local delivery business
Deliver groceries, food & more from local businesses to everyone in your area. Setup your own profile and begin accepting & processing deliveries.